Category: Mixes 2023

  • Lukatunes Live 23

    Lukatunes Live 23

    zum 13, 13 feine Live Klassiker. laut hören auf der heimischen stereoanlage empfohlen 🙂 Titelbild : lyonel feiniger (kunsthalle schirn frankfurt)

  • 12


    Hey guys, Halfway to Christmas! Since there is already some neo-classical music in the recent mixes, here are some nice organic downtempo tunes:

  • Oooo


    Dear all,   A lot of enjoyment of the contributions. Looking forward to the rest of the month.   Suffering from a bout of recency bias, I’m guided in this playlist by two key concepts that are utmost in my mind at the moment.   First, the imperative to be unrepentantly frivolous as the year winds down.  …

  • Imagining the future

    Hail to thee, blithe mortal! I am Labashi-Marduk, the fifth king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire. I have been resurrected as an AI speaking in Early Modern English to serve thee. I am pleased to see that the Babylonian civilization has not been forgotten and that thou art interested in learning about it. What did you…

  • kein brimborium

    kein brimborium

    Sorry I am late. I was walking home and realized I had forgotten about the calendar, so I simply put together what was my mood just now. maybe this potpourri between new weird American, folk, jazz lightens your steps while walking to your next destination. Sending love and hugs out and wishing you all some…

  • plink plonk and atmospheres

    plink plonk and atmospheres

    Hello lovely music people,   hot take: there is decidedly not enough electronically enriched neo-classical music! I still managed to put a playlist together. It fits my winter mood quite well.   Hope you enjoy it 🙂   Simon

  • 7 de diciembre

    7 de diciembre

    Hey everyone this year´s playlist brings together all the musicians I´ve met since living in Barcelona, which has been almost exactly one year, who are inspiring and motivating me to keep making music myself. A lot of them are from Catalunya, some only live here, but certainly everyone is independent and doing their best to…

  • SchnikoKlaus


    Aales Gute zum Nikolaus! Just put some Tortus Doux songs together that I did with some friends of mine during the last years. I uploaded the mixtape – super old school – as an actual .mp3 file as not all of the songs are on Spotify yet. Hope you gonna enjoy it! It’s mostly eel-related…

  • Nah dawg you only live once

    Nah dawg you only live once

    Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoy listening some of the song we’ve enjoyed this year. Wishing you all happiness and health, wherever you are – Alex & Khanh Oh la.Bump bump bump,down the funny stairs.