Category: Mixes 2023

  • a 24th in our ears

    a 24th in our ears

    Whether the 24th feels like pure excitement, a Sunday morning or just another day to you, I hope the sun will shine in your ears. Enjoy the ride and thanks for the adventunes!

  • Sidekick


    Hey everyone! Looking back at the year, it was pretty exciting, but also tumultuos. I hope this playlist can be your sidekick for the holiday preparations and take you on a little acoustic journey through the genres of Neo-Soul, R’n’B, Hip Hop, and Amapiano. Thank you to everyone who participated so far, I’ve really enjoyed…

  • aus:ein


    weil die sinnlosigkeit der existenz doch bedeutungslos ist

  • Come to the other side!

    Come to the other side!

    Hey there! Here’s a YouTube playlist of some tunes I’ve been listening to lately. “Why no Spotify playlist?” you might ask. Well, most of the music I’m into isn’t available on Spotify, and a lot of it doesn’t even have digital copies. I’ve become a bit addicted to vinyl, and luckily, there are people who…

  • London Christmas

    London Christmas

    Hi all, This is my first Christmas living in London, so I’ve collected together some songs that I feel represent a London vibe with a wintery accent. I’ve steered clear of actual Christmas songs but have collected some choral, some ambient, a bit of techno, some grime, some gen z pop. A real mish mash…

  • Gourmet Powder

    Gourmet Powder

    Spice up your Nasi Goreng!

  • stumpf is trumpf

    stumpf is trumpf

    Hello lovely people! If you were ever really curious what runs on my headphones every day, then it’s your lucky day, this is it! Keeping it really simple this year, here’s a playlist with tracks I’ve had on near constant repeat lately. Admittedly, it’s mostly a melange of stumpf techhouse, but I hope it brings…

  • Blue Midnight

    Blue Midnight

    The incantation goes as follows: The clock strikes twelve and you are draught Into the night by all the ghosts That howl in the ravines Red lanterns shine damp righteousness As grey monoliths make way All classics are shot in black and white. In the jungle stands a house they say Built of good company…

  • Histoire d’un soir: youth and escapism in 1980s French pop

    Histoire d’un soir: youth and escapism in 1980s French pop

    If there is one theme that strikes me about 80s French pop, it is the idea of the escape. Whether it’s escape from heartbreak or from the banalities of everyday life, much of the music of this time speaks to a desire to get away. Escape may be sought on a night out (La nuit;…

  • Happy Hippy

    Happy Hippy

    Hello Music Menu Family! I want to contribute an essence of songs that put a smile on my face, make me dance while pouring my morning coffee or add that deeply needed boost of vitamin c to a sun deprived heart. Hope you find some songs on there to bring joy and sunshine into your…