Come to the other side!

Hey there!

Here’s a YouTube playlist of some tunes I’ve been listening to lately.

“Why no Spotify playlist?” you might ask. Well, most of the music I’m into isn’t available on Spotify, and a lot of it doesn’t even have digital copies. I’ve become a bit addicted to vinyl, and luckily, there are people who upload recordings of these records on YouTube to help promote them, and this is generally tolerated by the artists.

The playlist mostly features 90s and 00s house music—a fantastic genre! Some tracks are more “housey,” while others lean towards the “technoid” side. I actually own some of these records myself.

I wanted to share this playlist because many of these tracks aren’t your typical “dancefloor bangers.” They’re more for chilling than partying. While some might think of downtempo, it’s not exclusively that.

These days, I exclusively listen to electronic music (and sometimes classical). People often wonder how I can always listen to electronic music. The thing is, in my perception, most people associate house/techno with partying and clubs, but I’d say only about 30% of produced records are meant for the club. Electronic music, like any other genre, is meant to be heard in all kinds of situations.

I’m excited to share a different side of house music with you!

Hope you enjoy!



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    Ki Mono

    Hey peeps!
    This is a YT Playlist. You can find the Playlist button in the upper right corner, where you can switch between the records, if you want to stay on this page!