I resisted the initial urge to compile a bittersweetmelancholicdeepdarkwinterfuckcovidplaylist, because I think there are enough negative vibes circling around all of us. So I decided to compile some happy, laid back and rebellious tracks. Instead of being sad let’s use our anger as a cathartic energy to not let the bad vibes win! 🙂

Stay Happy

Stay Rebel

Stay Strong



  1. Freddie Gibbs – Something to rap about
  2. Dexter – Nur noch was ich mag
  3. Pöbel MC – Bildungsbürgerprolls
  4. Black Tought – Steak ‘um
  5. Vinnie Paz – Cheesesteaks
  6. Madsen – Na gut dann nicht
  8. Pennywise – Bro Hymn

Personal Advisory: The mix is by no means professional and is meant for your own entertainment only.