Try again with confetti

Some tracks that I think should be more heard and that I hope you like. Moods range from melancholy to celebration to bittersweet to bossa nova to feminism, but mostly on the folky side of the street. I plan to garden this playlist and update...

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Link to Mix :

Mix by jonas

Here’s one for winter. A little darker, a little slower mix with rumbling basslines meandering through it. Like a blanket of bass for the colder days, perfectly paired with a hot drink and some decent headphones. Get comfortable, and enjoy 🙂

Edit: Since I discovered this morning, I generated a new cover art using the prompt “A warm blanket of meandering basslines”


Every now and then you come across an Eastern European band and as far it concerns me it is often fun listening, even if I don't understand a single thing. So it's quite incomprehensible that there are so few artists out of this part of...

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spice mix

Dear fellow adventuners & adventurers, These are some of the spices I added to my 2020 year to make it tastier :) These spices helped me dream about my future trips and for a moment took me there. Hope the next year will be full of spice &...

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2020 and Other Myths

Hello, oh hey there, hi, hello, greetings to you, my friend. Have you awakened from your food coma already, ready to face 2021 in a few days? No? Still sleeping? Ah well. I will write this message for when you have awoken. It will be like...

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Rock’n’Roll Asia

Discovering Radiooooo a few month ago and stombling over the documentary Don't think I've forgotten - Combodias Lost Rock and Roll (highly recommended) made me think about what kind of music we are used to in our everyday lifes. While I could find music from almost...

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Father Spliffmas

Tune in and turn up to a Father Spliffmas classic. Spliff kicks it off with some remixed techno tunes which he hopes will take you back to the days of partying and raving. In the second half of the mix he invites you to listen and...

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I was shrouded by the smell of bonfires, damp matter burning Flitting gold leaves Falling into autumn rot.    ...

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besonders besinnlich besonnen

"Fühlst du dich besinnlich?" "Nein, du?" "Ich fühle mich das ganze verkackte Jahr schon viel zu besinnlich." Die Sonne scheint, es ist warm und es ist Weihnachten.   Foto: Disko vor der alten Münze (Katharina Blum)...

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